Anaheim's newest destination

Cairo Restaurant & Cafe is Anaheim's newest destination for friends, families, and large groups to enjoy the most authentic Egyptian and Mediterranean delicacies in town.

Our Promise

With unwavering dedication to serve a high-quality product we pride ourselves on the freshness of our ingredients. Each dish is made to order.

Stuffed Pigeons with Grits

A favorite dish in Egypt. Eating stuffed pigeons would be difficult using fork and knife, You will have to pick them up...

Egyptian Style Falafel

Protein-rich fava beans are ground into a seasoned dough, shaped into discs, and deep-fried in oil, served on pita bread with vegetables.

Egyptian Authentic Koshary

Imagine, mixing into a single dish, pasta, rice, lentil, chick peas, onions and garlic and adding to this chili sauce. The idea sounds horrific, until one tries out an Egyptian favorite called Koshary.

The Hookah Experience

Do you like Hookah? Stop by and enjoy one of our plethora of flavors.
Here are some of our favorites.

  • Lemon Mint

    Icy taste and very rich smoke.

  • Grape

    A classic Hookah tobacco flavor. Tastes more like the candy kind of grape.

  • Melon

    A perfect summer flavor. Light, but great smoke.

  • Cherry

    A classic hookah flavor, sweet, but not too strong.

  • White Peach

    One of our most talked about. Has a strong, bold and peachy flavor and a great, thick smoke.

  • Double Apple

    The most classic of classic Hookah tobacco flavors. Has a hint of anis (a black licorice flavor) and a nice, thick smoke.